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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI Wahroonga)

Students learn:

Curriculum Learning Activities
SCIENCE Real world forensic investigation
TECHNOLOGY Digital microscope & Ultra-Violet light scanner
ART Blended multimedia elements
ENGINEERING Setup and control of investigative tools and apparatus
MATHEMATICS Comparing results against 'normal' or expected quantities

STEAMpunks - Young Detectives


Recovering Lost Treasures

Video 1. Recovering Lost Treasures

Identification by Ultra-Violet & Fluorescence

When a mineral or other material converts energy of any wavelength into an emission of light waves of a longer wavelength, it is said to be FLUORESCENT. Apparently, this occurs when some of the electrons within certain atoms are raised to a higher energy level by the energy received and, in returning to their former level, give off a visible luminescence. This phenomenon is noted most often when invisible ultraviolet light is directed at a gem material and when the new wavelength given off is in the visible spectrum. When this happens, the invisible light produces a glow within the gemstone that we call Fluorescence. If the glow continues after the energy source is turned off, the result is called PHOSPHORESCENCE.

Examine Evidence Using A Digital Microscope"



Based on your results, do you think that knowing more about mathematics is useful for a detective?


USB Microsope - Veho VMS-001 (is old version) - 200x + 8LED Hand-held Digital Microscope - gucview manual

A list of materials that glow under ultra-violet

Materials used in fishing that are UV reflective

Display flourescent minerals

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