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Students learn:

Curriculum Learning Activities
SCIENCE Real world monitoring
ART Blended multimedia elements
ENGINEERING Interactive control of real-world devices
MATHEMATICS Use co-ordinates for positioning

Based on your results, do you think that knowing more about art is useful for a web coder?

HTML (web page) Coding For Beginners

STEAMpunks - Young Coders

HTML is easy to learn. You can do some very neat things with HTML (a lot more than you would guess). You will enjoy it :)

Here is a good way to get started using an on-line HTML editor and set of simple tutorials

Task 01:

Using the on-line editor you can edit the example HTML code (and/or create your own code), and click on a button to instantly view the result:

Figure 1. Example Web Page Coding Using On-line HTML Editor & Tutorials

W3cSchool On-line HTML Editor

The Required Tasks for Lesson-01

Using the on-line editor:

  1. Create a basic web page containing a heading and two paragraphs
  2. Create a web page with two links to your two favourite web sites
  3. Create a web page that displaysa background image when the page is viewed in a browser

Copy and paste your finished pages from the on-line editor and copy your three files into the folder provided by your teacher.

Optional Extra Tasks for Lesson-01:

  1. Create a simple web page (HTML) & store it on your own workstation:
  2. Design a page or project using sound and video - see the 'simple' and 'advanced' examples below.


Introduction to Machines & The Internet of Things

Why circuits and electrical devices will be even more important in the future:

According to ABI Research & Forbes: By 2020, the Internet of Things will generate 30 billion autonomously connected end points and $8.9 trillion in revenues. IDC predicts that in 2014 we will see new partnerships among IT vendors, service providers, and semiconductor vendors that will address this market. Again, China will be a key player: The average Chinese home in 2030 will have 40–50 intelligent devices/sensors, generating 200TB of data annually. http://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2013/12/03/idc-top-10-technology-predictions-for-2014/#!

“We have a clear vision: To create a world where every object, from jumbo jets to sewing needles, is linked to the Internet” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things

Fig 1. Dr Andy Stanford-Clark is a Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor at IBM UK

He specialises in technologies which are helping to make the planet smarter, by analysing and reacting to data from remote sensors.

Video: Innovation Begins At Home: The Internet of Things

HTML Coding Project - The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things connects devices and vehicles using electronic sensors and the Internet.

Students can download a complete set of files that they can use to experiment and play with. The files are compatible with all operating systems and most browsers.

You can view the files here

All of above is optional

  • The 'ADVANCED HTML5 CODING STUFF' is designed for student to prepare students to code HTML and control/monitor devices connected to 'The Internet of Things' (coming to WPS Term 2 2016).
  • The 'VERY ADVANCED HTML5 CODING STUFF' is probably well beyond what is possible for most students but supplied as example of what is possible for anyone who wishes to 'go further'.

Download The Example Files And Experiment:

The full set of files have been compressed using '.zip' format. Most operating systems can extract .zip files without requiring any extra software.



  • When extracted, the full set of files can be found inside a folder called wps.
  • When adding your own images/sound files, copy them into the 'wps' folder so that all of your files are in that folder.
  • To edit the files, use a simple text editor like notepad or similar
  • To view a file, navigate to the wps folder and double-click on any file to open it in your favourite web browser.

Using the above procedure, students may customise and edit all features found in the examples displayed on the website (see links below), plus optionally incorporate their own original multimedia works:

Gaining experience with editing these files will prepare students so that they will be able to easily code their own HTML pages to control devices that will be connected to The Internet Of Things (starting at WPS Term 2 2016).

Appendix A

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