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Understanding Complexity Through Slime

Can we learn anything new about mathematics, social and physical networks, biological design and self-organizing systems by experimenting with Physarum polycephalum (Slime Mould), a eukaryotic microorganism that lives in cool, moist areas.

What can be learnt from the semi-intelligent slime mould? Check out the stuff below to find out more:

A Local Contact (Sydney

Applications of behavioural ecology to economics, computer science and urban planning… and other stuff:

The Big Picture (probably OTT, even for big people)

The Slime Mould Picture (for not so big people)

Australian Slime Mould Suppliers

Our aim is to make science education easier for teachers and more interesting for students, so we choose new products that are innovative and at the leading edge, as well as being reliable and affordable:

A Simple Method of Growing the Plasmodial Slime Mould

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