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Students learn:

Curriculum Learning Activities
SCIENCE Real world experimental design and data collection
TECHNOLOGY Use technology for diagnosis and/or analysis of human movement
ART How movement/balance can affect perception (and thus, choreography)
ENGINEERING How to design and build diagnostic apparatus
MATHEMATICS Methods of evaluation using authentic data

Q: Did Michael Jackson use Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) to enhance his Art (STEAM)?

He was Michael Jackson. He could do anything.

So when fans saw him do the impossible on the dance floor, they never thought he had help.

But when the King of Pop and his dancers leaned at a gravity-defying 45 degrees in live performances of the 1987 hit “Smooth Criminal,” it was a secret gimmick – not super-human talent – that made it all possible. Source: Copy of Patent Document

Choose your favourite piece of dance music and design (choreograph) your own dance.

STEAMpunk Young Dancers


Video 1. Blending music, technonology and choreography

Video 2. Blending physics and choreography

Video 3. Blending physics and choreography

Video 4. How the above video was made

Based on your investigations/results, do you think that knowing more about science is useful for a dancer?

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